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PTL Attention by Viktor Nübel

New at primetype library.

PTL Attention is featured in the Slanted Magazin issue: Slanted#19.

PTL Attention booklet download, 30 pages (2,9 MB)
PTL Webfonts

Typeface: PTL Skopex Gothic
Our printed calalogue as pdf

The new primetype calalogue as pdf for all those that did not get the printed version. Thanks for your interest, but we do not have any printed calalogue left ...

primetype_catalogue_A5_small.pdf (2.3 MB)
special: PTL Manual Extra

The complete PTL Manual Extra family for 9 € instead of 80 €, OpenType or TrueType.
PTL Manual Extra
25. typo regulars' table Berlin

(click picture)
PTL Roletta @ fontblog | special offer is over

(link: click picture | text in german)

«Großartig! Immer, wenn ich eine neue Schrift sehe, die ich toll finde, warte ich auf ein Projekt um sie einzusetzen.» Erik Spiekermann über die PTL Roletta

PTL Roletta Sans | Complete | OpenType || PTL Roletta Slab | Complete | OpenType || PTL Roletta Sans Basic | TrueType || PTL Roletta Slab Basic | TrueType || PTL Roletta Ornaments

PTL Roletta: Type Specimen Book (139 pages | 7,8 MB)
NEW PTL Roletta Ornaments | All Ornaments for only 60 €!

GDR Typefaces | PTL Minimala

Silvia Werfel writes about typoart Dresden typefaces in the german magazine «Deutscher Drucker». It also includes an interview with Scott Taylor about the PTL Minimala by Karl-Heinz Lange.

PTL Minimala

Deutscher Drucker
Typo Page (german mag special)

... the new TypoPage with Verena Gerlach and Ole Schäfer about good and bad typography.

> click picture: Page link
Short film workshop Dessau

Thanks to everyone who was involved. (the few words are in german)
> click the picture to watch the film on vimeo
PTL Roletta Sans & Slab | Andrea Tinnes

Yves Peters at the eye blog about «TypoLyrics»:
«This book confirms that great type designers seldom make great graphic designers. Their efforts to present their typefaces as favourably as possible sometimes fall short in the design department – a noteworthy exception being Andrea Tinnes’ brilliant visualisation of the angular, cut-up R&B of Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ featuring Beyoncé.»

PTL Roletta | first view | Ansicht (1MB)
Karl-Heinz Lange

lecture Andrea Tinnes
Andrea Tinnes at the »typo berlin», on Fryday 21. May 2010 at 4 pm, place: Stage
lecture tuesday 18. May
Verena Gerlach gives a lecture for the «typografische gesellschaft münchen» in front of Oliviero Toscani at the Pinakothek der Moderne.
PTL Attack Rough

The PTL Attack Rough by Viktor Nübel is released. OpenType with alternates and latin foreign languages! click picture > typeface

PTL Attack pdf download
PTL Minimala

The PTL Minimala by Karl-Heinz Lange, your new corporate typeface with 8 weights. click picture > typeface
PTL Publicala

PTL Publicala by Karl-Heinz Lange at the primetype library. click picture > typeface
PTL Superla

PTL Superla by Karl-Heinz Lange at the primetype library. click picture > typeface
Lecture Berlin

Info: (Bild klicken)
lecture Dessau

click picture > flickr
new digital catalogue here
PTL Maurea JCI
You will get the PTL Maurea JCI ML at a special download link with a passwort. Please contact your contact person at Johnson Controls if you need to get the typefaces. If you are not allowed to use the download, you can set you work in PTL Maurea JCI ML - you can buy this version here:
PAGE 09.07 (german only)
Antje Dohmann about office typefaces with comment by Ole Schäfer.
typographica: best of fonts
The PTL Skopex fontfamily by Andrea Tinnes is listed on typographica best of fonts 2006.
Page 08.07
Some of the work of Andrea Tinnes is featured in Antje Dohmann's 2 articles High Potentials and Corporate Types.
Eye magazine, Nr. 64, summer 2007
The Eye Nr. 64, Vol 16, summer 2007, featuring Jan Middendorp's article about the work of Andrea Tinnes - PTL Skopex is available at primetype.
Ole Schäfer at the ATypI
Ole Schäfer will make a speech at the AtypeI Conference in Bighton, September 2007.
Theme: Bringing typefaces to life.
corporate type in Desktop Dialog
Klaus-Peter Staudinger about Corporate Type. With typefaces by Ole Schäfer and Ralph du Carrois. (german)
Boxhorn 15 (german) set in PTL Maurea
New: PTL Attack by Viktor Nübel
primetype in magazines (german)
Page 02/07 Verena Gerlach und Ole Schäfer zum Thema OpenType
New: PTL Sadgirl by Ralph du Carrois
The new typeface PTL Sadgirl by Ralph du Carrois.
primetype in magazines (german)
Page 12/06 Antje Dohmann über die PTL Magsans und PTL Magslab von Ole Schäfer.

Slanted Nr. 3/2006 Verena Gerlachs PTL Trafo in Text und Bild in der Zeitschrift slanted.

Werbetechnik Nr. 5/06 Ole Schäfer im Interview mit Leonore Gruska zum Thema Plakat und Displayschriften.
Redesign magazine: tip, Berlin
Jan Rikus Hillmann and Ole Schäfer have redesigned the berlin based mag »tip«. Ole Schäfer has drawn all used typeface and logos and has done the basic typography. Both of them have made the new layout. The new designed magazine is available from 6. september.

All typefaces are non exclusiv. If you like to use them, feel free to ask primetype - the typefaces are not part of the primetype library. Parts of the logo system are design with a special version of the primetypeface PTL Zupra.
New headlinetypeface for the Nürburgring
Ole Schäfer has drawn the new headlinetype for the Nürburgring. Based on a conzept made by fünfwerken Ole has drawn a total new version of the PTL Notes Style Bold Italic.

The headlineface is very italic and all proportions are changed. The captials are much smaller in the vertical hight and the other charaters are more open the give speed to the typeface. This version is excluve. You can only buy it at primetype as a designer for the Nürburgring; it is aviable as OpenType and Mac PostScript.
new: PTL Skopex family by Andrea Tinnes
PTL Skopex is an extensive font family consisting of a gothic and a serif variant.
PTL Skopex Gothic is a contemporary Sans with a strong vertical nature and many playfull details.

Skopex Gothic
Skopex Serif
new: PTL Highbus by Ralph du Carrois
The new display typeface by Ralph du Carrois from light to black, upright and italic, condensed and creativ.
relaunch of
We are happy to present you our typefaces in a new design with new functions. The site is designed by Andrea Tinnes and Verena Gerlach. Programming by Valentin Schmidt. More information wll be added within the next weeks and months.

Test-Download [PDF]
new: pay with Paypal
You can order our typefaces now by paypal. All you need is to login at paypal. For information please choose: typefaces/choose a typeface/click order to inform you about paypal. If you have any questions please send us an e-mail: